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Category Names, Results, and Descriptions


Bacteriocidal Agents (0) see Anti-Bacterial Agents

beta-Lactamase Inhibitors (29) • Endogenous substances and drugs that inhibit or block the activity of BETA-LACTAMASES. MeSH

Biocides (0) see Disinfectants

Biocompatible Materials (31) • Synthetic or natural materials, other than DRUGS, that are used to replace or repair any body TISSUES or bodily function. MeSH

Biohazards (0) see Hazardous Substances

Biological Response Modifiers (0) see Immunologic Factors

Bleaching Agents (2)

Blocking Agents, Sperm Maturation (0) see Antispermatogenic Agents

Blood Substitutes (6)

Bone Cements (3) • Adhesives used to fix prosthetic devices to bones and to cement bone to bone in difficult fractures. Synthetic resins are commonly used as cements. A mixture of monocalcium phosphate, monohydrate, alpha-tricalcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate with a sodium phosphate solution is also a useful bone paste. MeSH

Bone Density Conservation Agents (45) • Agents that inhibit BONE RESORPTION and/or favor BONE MINERALIZATION and BONE REGENERATION. They are used to heal BONE FRACTURES and to treat METABOLIC BONE DISEASES such as OSTEOPOROSIS. MeSH

Bowel Preparation Solutions (0) see Cathartics

Bradykinin B1 Receptor Antagonists (1)

Bradykinin B2 Receptor Antagonists (1) • Compounds and drugs that inhibit ligand binding or cellular signaling by BRADYKININ B2 RECEPTORS. MeSH

Bradykinin Receptor Antagonists (7) • Compounds and drugs that inhibit ligand binding or cellular signaling by BRADYKININ RECEPTORS. MeSH

Bronchoconstrictor Agents (3) • Agents causing the narrowing of the lumen of a bronchus or bronchiole. MeSH

Bronchoconstrictor Effect (0) see Bronchoconstrictor Agents

Bronchodilator Agents (86) • Agents that cause an increase in the expansion of a bronchus or bronchial tubes. MeSH

Bronchodilator Effect (0) see Bronchodilator Agents

Broncholytic Agents (0) see Bronchodilator Agents

Broncholytic Effect (0) see Bronchodilator Agents

Buffers (6) • A chemical system that functions to control the levels of specific ions in solution. When the level of hydrogen ion in solution is controlled the system is called a pH buffer. MeSH

Bulk Laxatives (0) see Laxatives

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