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Category Names, Results, and Descriptions


Landfill Leachate (0) see Water Pollutants, Chemical

Laxatives (4) • Agents that produce a soft formed stool, and relax and loosen the bowels, typically used over a protracted period, to relieve CONSTIPATION. MeSH

Leprostatic Agents (10) • Substances that suppress Mycobacterium leprae, ameliorate the clinical manifestations of leprosy, and/or reduce the incidence and severity of leprous reactions. MeSH

Leukotriene Antagonists (17) • A class of drugs designed to prevent leukotriene synthesis or activity by blocking binding at the receptor level. MeSH

Lipid Regulating Agents (110)

Lipocaic (0) see Lipotropic Agents

Lipoprotein Lipase Activators (1) • Compounds that increase the enzymatic activity of LIPOPROTEIN LIPASE. Lipoprotein lipase activators have a potential role in the treatment of OBESITY by increasing LIPID METABOLISM. Note that substances that increase the synthesis of lipoprotein lipase are not included here. MeSH

Liposomes (1)

Lipotropic Agents (4) • Endogenous factors or drugs that increase the transport and metabolism of LIPIDS including the synthesis of LIPOPROTEINS by the LIVER and their uptake by extrahepatic tissues. MeSH

Lipotropic Drugs (0) see Lipotropic Agents

Lipotropic Factors (0) see Lipotropic Agents

Lipoxygenase Inhibitors (29) • Compounds that bind to and inhibit that enzymatic activity of LIPOXYGENASES. Included under this category are inhibitors that are specific for lipoxygenase subtypes and act to reduce the production of LEUKOTRIENES. MeSH

Loop Diuretics (0) see Sodium Potassium Chloride Symporter Inhibitors

Lubricants (1)

Luminescent Agents (173) • Compound such as LUMINESCENT PROTEINS that cause or emit light (PHYSICAL LUMINESCENCE). MeSH

Luteolytic Agents (6) • Chemical compounds causing LUTEOLYSIS or degeneration. MeSH

Luteolytic Effect (0) see Luteolytic Agents

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